The Story of Us

Everyone has an alter ego, but not everyone’s alter ego is bat shit crazy.  This is the story of Roberta and Juanita; and I promise that our story is more fucked up, insane, and unbelievable than you could ever imagine. But what is most remarkable is that it’s all true. That’s the amazing thing about life; it’s never what you expect. And our life is your life.

No matter what you want or plan, life is full of unexpected surprises. Like getting shit faced and not remembering if he fingered you or your pussy hurts because you are wearing a tampon, eating so much that your feet won’t fit into your Louboutins (how the fuck do you pronounce “Louboutins” anyway), and forgetting that it’s Monday so you actually have to wake up before 4PM to do “big girl things” like email your boss that you’re sick.

We are poor. We are rich. We are poor again. We are everything that you wish you were and that you hope you’re not. Roberta and Juanita may be our alter egos but they’re yours too.

Hugs and Kisses,